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Change is a goal, but also a decision.


I believe people change to remain true to themselves. The urge for change arises when we realize we must change to preserve our essence.

⁠In an increasingly complex world, we often try to find meaning with old thought patterns and strategies, but fail to cope with their complexity. However, it's not the complexity that creates the complications.

⁠In my work, I identify limiting thought patterns with my coachees, and together we develop more effective ones. When we connect with our deeper being, we can find better solutions from a more conscious place.

Individual Coaching

For individual support, there are many reasons and occasions - including many that are private. Your concerns are at the center, and through targeted conversations, we together seek new perspectives and possibilities for change. Our shared journey aims to provide you with the support and encouragement you need to effect positive changes in your life. I look for ways to unburden you, suggest options for action, and accompany you on your individual development path.

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Team Coaching

The dynamic within your team forms the basis for our collective reflection and the long-term goal of strengthening collaboration and improving collective performance. Together, we seek ways to provide your team with self-help and support in realizing its full potential.

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Conflict Mediation

Occasionally, it is necessary to involve a neutral party to resolve conflicts permanently. Together, we explore the causes of the conflict and develop solutions involving all participants involved, in turn leading to a sustainable agreement.

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Who is coaching suitable for?

My coaching is primarily directed to individuals such as executives, project managers, self-employed business owners, entrepreneurs, as well as those who want to expand their professional and social skills. Additionally, I also support teams and groups during periods of change.

Coaching with Katja Pleterski

Whether it's individual coaching, team coaching, or mediation - we approach each situation together and individually, so that we can develop the approach that is right for you.

Who looks in the mirror can recognize themselves. This is how the hidden treasures can be unearthed. Thank you, dear Mrs. Pleterski, for helping me gain a better understanding of myself - with respectful empathy, attentive listening, and your refreshingly different thoughts.

Silke M. - Life - Coaching

Mrs. Pleterski has greatly supported me in my personal and professional development. I am grateful to have her as an external contact person who always asks the right questions with a professional and positive perspective. This has been particularly helpful when it comes to career decisions, professional challenges, or even my situation as a woman in a predominantly male-dominated environment.

Joana S. – employee Produktmanagement, Stihl

With her warm and inspiring demeanor, and a great deal of empathy, Mrs. Pleterski creates a trusting space and framework for our coaching sessions. She has shown me how to view my individual situation from a different perspective and has provided me with the tools to work on the topics in a structured manner and at my own pace. I am very grateful for the time we have spent together so far and look forward to more shared hours ahead!

Viola M., employee - Mercedes Benz Mobility AG

Thanks to Mrs. Pleterski, I've made significant strides in my (work) life so quickly because she precisely follows up and organizes my thoughts in such a way that the complicated suddenly becomes simple.

Markus E., employee - Stihl Holding AG & Co. KG

With her diverse background and based on her extensive experience, Katja was a valuable coach for me. I was able to take away numerous approaches and impulses for myself, especially in a professional context.

Ivesa B., Management 3rd level - Stihl Holding AG & Co. KG

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