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My mission is to support you in a solution-driven and resource-oriented manner. Through coaching, cooperative consulting, and critical questioning, I assist organizations and individuals in being prepared for a wide range of challenging situations.

⁠My approach is: collaborative, individual, and at all times strictly confidential. These principles allow me to develop successful, tailored solutions that meet my clients' needs.

⁠Contact me to learn more about how I can assist you. I look forward to achieving sustainable results together with you.


In times of corporate downsizing and the ongoing shortage of skilled workers, many employees face taking on additional responsibilities they are not necessarily equipped to deal with. The impact of these changes on effectiveness and efficiency can be significant, especially when internal support and mentoring are less than ideal.

⁠The leadership culture is shifting towards more leadership and less traditional management. Leaders are expected to serve as role models, delegate decision-making, and address the needs of younger generations. Hybrid working and increasing diversity present additional challenges.
⁠Leaders must learn to manage this diversity and fully harness the potential of their teams to greatest effect. My experience in the corporate environment, combined with many years of one-to-one business and individual consulting helps leaders to achieve the best results.

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Organizational Development

Increasing globalization and cultural change has intensified tensions within organizations. This leads to increased complexity of doing business and necessitates the need to overcome traditional mechanisms.

⁠The reasons for organizational change are diverse, ranging from "hard" criteria, such as the optimization of business processes, to “softer” goals, such as improving employee satisfaction and fostering greater identification with corporate culture.

⁠Successfully implementing change processes requires comprehensive and sustainable planning and execution, and specialized, objective and experienced expertise.

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