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About me

Katja Pleterski

For more than 25 years, I have been guiding individuals, groups, and organizations through change and transformational processes. I support people in their various professional and private situations and roles, especially leaders and teams, helping them connect with deeper meaning, motivate themselves, and shape their own development.

⁠By collaboratively addressing personal imprints, internal attitudes, relationships, and current conflict situations, I help open pathways to relief. I offer concrete action options and accompany you on your individual development journey towards authentic collaboration and genuine co-creation.

⁠The art of life: embracing the counterpoint of challenges and unfolding personal transformation in harmony through coaching.

  • MA in Psychology

    University of Saarland

  • MA in Personnel Development

    University of Kaiserslautern

  • Hypnosis Coach Training

    Gunter Schmidt – Milton Erickson Institute, Heidelberg

  • Coaching Training

    Internal Family Systems (IFS), Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Dietz Training, Feldafing

  • Transactional Analysis & Conflict Management

    Team Dr. Rosenkrantz, Munich

  • Systemic Process Consulting

    ComTeam, Gmund am Tegernsee

  • IFS Coach & Consultant

    IFS Institute, Heidelberg

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Since 2011

Managing Partner of Contrapunkt Consult GmbH

5 years at LBBW

Management Consultant at LBBW: Internal Management Consultant focussing on: Individual coaching of executives (2nd – 4th level) and accompanying executives and their teams in team and organizational development processes, as well as within change management projects.

7 years at KPMG

Senior Consultant at KPMG Consulting, specializing in advising HR managers and their departments, including topics such as Shared Service Centers, Strategic Human Resource Management, Balanced Scorecard, and Electronic Personal Records.


  • Scrum Master - Scrum Alliance
  • Positive Intelligence Coach
  • ZRM - Züricher Ressourcen Modell
  • GFK - Gewaltfreie Kommunikation
  • SDI - Spiral Dynamics Integral
  • Agile Coach
  • Scrum Master
  • Blended Learning Trainer and Coach
  • HOGAN Personality Inventory
  • DISC© Personality Model
  • MBTI® Certification
  • TMS Model


Consulting Philosophy

"You will be tomorrow what you think today."

This wisdom forms the foundation of my work.

⁠I see my role as a supportive and guiding function for my clients. My goal is to work together with them on their individual goals and challenges and to empower them to find their own solutions.

⁠I don't see myself as an expert who provides ready-made answers, rather a partner who structures the coaching process in a respectful and encouraging manner. My primary objective is to create a framework in which my clients feel safe and supported, thereby enabling them to realise their potential.

⁠In my work as a coach, I place great importance on an appreciative, empathetic, and resource-oriented attitude. I approach my clients with openness, curiosity, and acceptance, regardless of their issues and concerns.

⁠My role is to create a space in which they feel free and safe to share their thoughts and feelings. I actively listen, ask supportive questions, and provide constructive feedback to develop new perspectives together.

⁠It is important to me to leave the responsibility for the coaching process with my clients. I support them in finding their own solutions and implementing them independently. My task is to strengthen them in their autonomy and self-responsibility.

Attitude & Formats

As a consultant and coach, I am bound by legal confidentiality.

⁠Confidentiality is paramount - confidentiality always applies, for all conversations and even beyond them.

⁠The mutual and non-binding introductory meeting typically lasts 60 minutes. Based on your concerns, we jointly define the goal for your coaching or organizational development, and I explain to you the measures and methods I will use to work with you on the path to your goal.

⁠To provide sufficient space for deep reflection and progress, our coaching sessions usually lasst 90 to 120 minutes.

⁠Virtual coaching sessions are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative consulting format and are always available if in-person sessions are inconvenient. This way, I can effectively and sustainably support you in implementing your goals in your daily life, regardless of location.

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