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Personal development means becoming more resilient as a person.

Individual Coaching

The goals you want to achieve and also how your starting situation is described best are as personal as you are. Therefore, it is important that we find out where you stand and which path is right for you. We consider your individual resources and potential in doing so.

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Occasions for Individual Coaching

  • Career development and achieving professional goals
  • Support in implementing personal or professional goals
  • Stress management, increasing resilience, and achieving work-life balance
  • Conflict resolution and improving interpersonal relationships
  • Leadership skills and developing leadership abilities
  • Strengthening personality development and self-confidence
  • Time management, improving self-organization, productivity, and setting priorities
  • Reorientation after professional changes or life transitions
  • Dealing with changes and challenges
  • Promoting creativity and innovation
  • Improving communication skills
  • Achieving a healthy lifestyle and well-being
  • Improving team dynamics and collaboration in work groups

Individual and Confidential

Every conversation and meeting, as well as all content, is strictly confidential because my approach is not only to provides you with both a safe space and support that exceeds to legal confidentiality requirements.


Professional Support for You

In individual coaching, we can jointly develop a solution that fits your personal and professional situation and development objectives.

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Expert-based support for You

Through my extensive experience as a coach and through overcoming significant life challenges of my own, I can support you in adopting alternative perspectives on your issues, thereby enabling profound self-reflection and self-development.

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Who is this coaching suitable for?

Individual coaching is for people who are willing to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery. Individuals who are seeking self-improvement, reflection, and personal development can take the next steps in a one-on-one process. There are many occasions for coaching, and these depend on the individual's life context.

Coaching with Katja Pleterski

"The most difficult time in our lives is the best opportunity to develop inner strength." ⁠Dalai Lama

For over 25 years, I have put my knowledge at the service of companies and executives. My personal experiences, including the diagnosis of my son (early childhood autism), have not only given me a new perspective on the world. I have rediscovered the value and benefits of empathy and know how important individual care is.

Mrs. Pleterski not only has a wealth of competence and experience and a very open and empathetic nature, but more importantly: she listens very carefully. That's why her proposed solutions always hit the core of my problems and concerns. From the beginning, I have felt understood and respected in our individual coaching sessions. Not a feeling taken for granted, especially when, like me, you work in middle management. I have come out of each of our conversations feeling strengthened! Thank you very much for that!

Mira S., Management 3rd level, DasDing, Südwestrundfunk

Coaching with Mrs. Pleterski provides me with the opportunity to professionally address my work challenges. Her direct yet empathetic approach enables effective reflection and targeted problem-solving. She supports her practical solutions with methodological expertise and her wealth of experience. I feel empowered in my leadership role. Exactly what I was looking for!

Laura B., Management 4th level, Europäische Zentralbank

Katja Pleterski creates a conversational space with her friendly and pleasant direct approach, characterized by clarity and structure on one hand, and allowing free thought exploration and connection on the other. She recognizes the underlying themes and her questions and suggestions are concise. I experience coaching as a significant enrichment - both professionally and personally.

Luisa S., employee, Wolff & Müller Holding GmbH & Co. KG

I was recommended to Mrs. Pleterski during a professional and personal transition period and got to know her. Already in the first few minutes of our introductory conversation, I knew: here I will be understood and can achieve something. With her positive energy, openness, and empathy, Mrs. Pleterski creates a space for comfort and personal development. Through her high empathy and passion, she understands how to guide me with care to the right questions and answers. After a short time, I already feel significantly strengthened and more focused, and I am delighted to have found Mrs. Pleterski as a regular companion on my journey.

Cornelia S. - Life Coaching

The coaching was effective from the very first session. It's very practical and offers concrete assistance. Mrs. Pleterski is empathetic and experienced, and the basis of trust was established immediately. The individual coaching helped me better understand my inner mechanisms and, ultimately, to rediscover my professional orientation.

Dorien B., Management 3rd level - Trumpf GmbH + Co. KG

Coaching with Katja has shown a strong positive effect on me within weeks by offering new ways and perspectives for everyday life and work situations. For example, she clarified behavioral and personality patterns for me and deepened new ways of dealing with them. Katja reinforces her valuable tips by getting straight to the point in a sentence. Already during our first meeting, I felt understood. I feel familiar, as a person with my personal concerns and challenges placed at the center.

Simone W., Management 4th level - ETAS GmbH

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