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Resolving conflicts sustainable and in the long term.

Conflict Mediation

Conflicts that are not addressed and resolved will harm the entire company. Mediation can help in such cases. As a mediator, my focus is on developing various solutions with the conflicting parties while maintaining an impartial role.

⁠I aim to achieve an outcome that is sustainable and implementable for all parties involved. Such win-win situations are reached when the shared interest in a solution outweighs the interest in failure.

⁠Through mediation, I have been able to resolve many dissonances involving various constellations: with individual employees, managers, or entire teams.

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Requirements for mediation

Mediation can only be used if the following conditions are met on all sides

  • Participation is voluntary.
  • Participants are willing to communicate fairly.
  • The parties involved in the conflict are open to possible solutions.
  • The conflict is clearly defined.
  • The contents of the mediation sessions are treated confidentially.
  • The parties involved are willing to disclose all relevant information necessary for resolution.
  • Mediation procedure

Mediation procedure

My conflict mediations typically consist of two phases:

Initially, the focus is on reconnecting the conflicting parties by having them concentrate on their needs. The specific conflict is not the primary concern; rather, it's about addressing the concerns of each party, ensuring they are heard by the other side. As a mediator, I actively support the recognition of needs behind a conflict. Since diverse needs form the basis for mutual understanding, they serve as the starting point for the first phase.

⁠In the second phase, we focus on finding solutions that truly address the needs of all parties involved. Through this approach, the perspectives of the conflicting parties shift away from what separates them toward what connects them. This forms the basis for collectively developing new ideas for conflict resolution. As a mediator, I guide and navigate through this process of finding solutions impartially: all parties are equally represented and heard

⁠At the end of the mediation process, we agree on solutions where all parties "win".


This can be achieved together

Communication plays a crucial role in conflicts. Through open and clear communication, misunderstandings can be uncovered and resolved, allowing the parties involved to express their needs, expectations, and feelings. This fosters mutual understanding and empathy.

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The importance of communication

Early and respectful communication can prevent escalation and strengthen trust between the conflicting parties. After all, communication is and remains the key to developing solutions that take everyone's needs into account and promotes creative approaches for sustainable cooperation.

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Resolving conflicts - an example

The following scenario occurs in many companies:

Tensions have arisen between two teams working closely on a joint project. The team leaders have different ideas, approaches and decisions, which leads to misunderstandings and frustration among the project participants and this makes it difficult for the two teams to work together. The company decides to bring in an external coach for a mediation session to resolve the conflict.

⁠As a coach, I invite both teams into an open discussion and place great emphasis on promoting respectful communication and also encourage them to take the other perspective. I support both teams in working together to find a solution and focus on common goals instead of the conflict, for example.

Conflicts are not a dead end

There is always a solution. There is always a path that has not yet been taken. The conflict parties and the way out of the conflict are just as individual as the conflict itself.

I consulted Katja because I wanted to feel more confident in my leadership role. She helped me to reflect on my actions and thoughts so that I could build more confidence in myself. I got to know her as very focused, trustworthy, attentive and knowledgeable, but also as a very good listener and communicator. A session with Katja is like playing tennis with my own thoughts. Over time, she has helped me to better understand my actions and equipped me with many powerful tools to deal with daily situations, problems and conflicts. My work with Katja is meaningful, insightful and brings forth multiple perspectives that help me grow as a confident and inclusive person and leader.

Marius F.,Management 3rd level - Mercedes-Benz Group AG

It was a great enrichment for me to get to know Ms. Pleterski during a mediation.She is very human, likeable, trustworthy and empathetic.Ms. Pleterski is a good listener and analyzer.I immediately had the feeling that she is very good at putting herself in other people's shoes and was amazed at how quickly she grasps problems and hits the nail on the head.I can recommend Ms. Pleterski at any time and wish her all the best both professionally and privately and continued success.

Sabine H., employee - Mercedes-Benz Group AG

Katja Pleterski is a great person who has been a great support in my first leadership role in job sharing.In addition to supporting me in organizing the collaboration and the distribution of tasks at eye level in the tandem, she addressed my core values and trigger points and showed me ways to lead myself.She was very empathetic and professional.She always focused on my well-being and my needs.If I got stuck at any point, she actively supported me in finding solutions. I can recommend Katja Pleterski to anyone who is looking for professional and helpful coaching.

Serpil S., Management 4th level - Netze BW GmbH

The coaching with Ms. Pleterski is very helpful. She can quickly understand my situation and offers good strategies for conflict resolution.She imparts her knowledge in a trusting and pleasant atmosphere and likes to create images so that I remember what I have learned particularly well.Her expertise on my personal development as a manager is worth its weight in gold.

Marion S., Management 4th level - CHT Germany GmbH

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