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Team Coaching

In times of corporate downsizing and ongoing skills shortages, many employees are taking on additional responsibilities that need to be taken on. The impacts of these changes on effectiveness and efficiency can be noticeable, especially when internal support and mentoring are less than ideal.

⁠The leadership culture is shifting towards more leadership and less traditional management. Leaders are expected to serve as role models, delegate decision-making, and adapt to the needs of younger generations. Hybrid work and increasing diversity pose additional challenges.

⁠Leaders must learn to manage this diversity and fully harness the potential of their teams to greatest effect.

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How we proceed together

You determine the focus and goals of the workshop, and I provide the design and implementation. Together, we develop the integration and implementation into your organizational practice for maximum benefit:

  • Identify root causes of friction
  • Define interfaces between individual teams and stakeholders
  • Develop common rules for motivating and efficient collaboration
  • Reflect on and further develop professional activities and significant topics
  • Understand and strengthen roles, dynamics, and functions together

Team coaching supports you when...

  • you seek reflection on your work and the opportunity for external moderation and process support.
  • you want to create a space for professional relief for yourself and your team.
  • you want to take advantage of neutral advice to improve your interactions and workflows.
  • you recognize psychological stress factors in your team or organization and want to develop new action perspectives.
  • you are in a leadership position and want to discuss your uncertainties regarding your role and interactions in a protected one-on-one conversation.


This is what team coaching is all about

In my coaching processes with teams, I aim to foster the systematic development of relationships and well-being with my clients, while simultaneously enhancing processes and collaboration efficiency.

⁠During my workshops, teams learn to reduce conflicts, friction, and stress to achieve positive outcomes that not only increase profitability and efficiency but also improve overall well-being.

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Expert-based support for you

To find the best solutions and help each other in growing and developing, all team members learn to give each other feedback openly, directly, and constructively.

⁠My goal is to cultivate the team into a safe space where people can be transparent and authentic, admit mistakes and shortcomings, and support each other.

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Facing challenges - an example

To enhance efficiency, your company plans to introduce a new project management tool. However, some team members feel skeptical and overwhelmed because they are not familiar with the new technology. As a coach, my task is to conduct a detailed analysis to identify the specific concerns and challenges of all team members.

⁠I don't just focus on the process; first and foremost, I prioritize the importance of the group dynamic. Over the years, it has been shown that people who are treated with trust and respect and feel valued can also deliver better results.

⁠Based on the results, as a coach, I develop a comprehensive coaching plan: Through training sessions, group meetings, and individual coaching, we actively address the concerns and increase acceptance for the change. In doing so, we not only work on improving team dynamics but also foster personal growth.

Strengthening teams sustainably

To create long-term changes in a team, a holistic approach over an extended period is necessary. This includes first establishing a clear vision and specific goals supported by all team members. Continuous communication about the vision, goals, and progress is crucial, as is the demonstration of desired behaviors by leaders.

⁠⁠Continuous team development and involving team members in decision-making processes promote engagement and collaboration. With regular feedback and jointly agreed-upon adjustments, not only can motivation be strengthened, but change can also be established sustainably. Patience and perseverance are essential as changes take time.

Through coaching with Ms. Pleterski, I gain new insights regarding seemingly complex challenges, which often lie in the interpersonal or meta-level. With her broad spectrum of methodological knowledge, these challenges can be systematically transformed into appropriate solution strategies. Working with Ms. Pleterski allows me to continuously and situationally enhance my skills as a leader. And that's fun!

Karsten S., Management 3rd level - Stihl Holding AG & Co. KG

My team was thrilled with the workshop for the first time; finally, we had something concrete and not just talk. We implemented everything from the workshop.

Antonello F., Management 4th level - Baden-Württembergische Bank AG

As part of team development, we were able to work with Katja multiple times over an extended period. She supported, inspired, and methodically guided us as a heterogeneous team in a very successful way.

Ivesa B., Management 3rd level - Stihl Holding AG & Co. KG

From the very first minute, Mrs. Pleterski worked with me in a respectful, insightful, and solution-oriented manner. Highly recommended.

Annerose M., Senior physician - Universitätsklinikum Tübingen

I had my last team coaching session with Katja Pleterski in December. My experience was very positive. She accompanied me as a team leader of a team of about 10 people during a team coaching session. The support was extremely valuable to me. She approaches her task with high competence and professionalism. She is flexible and can also adapt to changed situations during the course of team coaching at short notice. Her pleasant and empathetic manner facilitates the implementation of team coaching and, if necessary, breaking the ice.

Michael K., Management 4th level - Landesbank Baden-Württemberg

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