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Courage to change.

Change Support

It is essential for companies to adapt flexibly to changes in their environment in a constantly evolving world. Success depends crucially on how well they manage to adapt their structures and processes to changing requirements and exploit untapped potential. Systemic support for change provides a valuable framework for making these adjustments and preparing the organization for future challenges.

Stimulating sustainable developments

Successful change in organizations is based on engaging the potential to solve problems, both among managers and employees.

⁠By becoming aware of people's deeper drives and values, we gain a better and broader understanding of behavior and decisions. This insight is particularly helpful in the context of change processes, as the resistance often triggered by change and the different motivations of individual employees are understood.

Such an understanding enables us to use more effective communication and management methods in order to prevent changes that are necessary for the company from failing due to resistance and internal resignations from employees.

Recognizing values in context

To understand the dynamics between people, teams and organizations, we need to look beyond thoughts and behaviors to the underlying motivation that drives both thoughts and human behavior.

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Everyone is motivated, but not by the same things. Many conflicts, misunderstandings and frictions in organizations arise because we expect others to have the same motivations and desires as we do. However, this is rarely the case. People with completely different motivations and drives can still work together effectively as long as they agree on a common direction and pursue a clear, common goal.

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Mastering Change with Systemic Support

Katja Pleterski empowers organizations to reacting agilely, flexibly, and effectively to new challenges, and to fully exploiting their potential for best success.

I appreciate the absolute professionalism of Ms. Pleterski, who creates spaces for discussion even in very conflictual situations and enables solutions that are acceptable to all sides. This applies to both individual coaching sessions and team workshops. In individual coaching, she develops experienced managers remarkably and manages to stabilize new managers in their role and make them more effective.

Thomas R., Member of the Executive Board, Kreissparkasse

Ms. Pleterski is a good sparring partner for me, helps me to reflect profoundly and systematically in conversation, and takes on tasks that the next level up unfortunately does not perform.

Annette W., Management 3rd level, Baden-Württembergische Bank AG

Due to numerous restructuring measures in my institution at the beginning of my management career, I was able to experience coaching at eye level with Ms. Pleterski, which helped me to develop from an employee to a manager. She gave me a lot of impetus to make positive changes, significantly improved my communication with employees and thus strengthened my leadership personality. Ms. Pleterski motivated me again and again with a lot of empathy and heart and a clear concept and supported me on my way.

Claudia M., School management, Universitätsklinikum Tübingen

In team processes, Ms. Pleterski was able to build trust with the team members in a very short time, start a team process and accompany the development process in a structured and goal-oriented manner with follow-up training.

Harald B., Management Team 3rd + 4th level - Baden-Württembergische Bank AG

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