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Culture is like the wind. It is invisible, and yet you can feel and see its effect.

Cultural Change

Corporate culture encompasses the values, norms and behaviors that are practiced in a company.

The interaction between mission statement and culture

It is important to gain a comprehensive insight into the dynamics between the individual and the organization in order to provide concrete information for those who want to bring about changes in the culture and structure.

⁠⁠In this way, better and more functional interventions and transition processes can be developed.

⁠By intensively observing the following culture-shaping elements together with you, it is possible to make the right adjustments:

  • How is the interaction with each other and are there particular behaviors that stand out?
  • How is the feedback culture structured?
  • How is performance rewarded and how are crises dealt with?
  • What learning culture does the company have and how is further development practiced?
  • What is the understanding of leadership and how can the balance of power be described?
  • How can communication be classified?
  • What structures are in place in the company?
  • What values and standards are communicated and practiced?

By reflecting on these questions together with you and your management team, we gain an initial analysis of your corporate culture and consider together what the next sensible step is in your cultural change and how we can establish this in your organization.

Corporate culture is not directly accessible for direct intervention. Instead, the targeted development of corporate culture takes place indirectly by influencing key factors.

⁠⁠The first step is all about revealing the corporate culture, as this is the only way to identify and address the differences between the actual and target state.
⁠⁠After analyzing and verbalizing the culture and defining the goals, we can jointly determine the learning areas and develop the path to get there.

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As a coach, I act as an accompanying consultant and attach great importance to observing the effectiveness of the agreed measures and evaluating them together with you. Progress is shown transparently, reflected upon and used as a basis for adjustment, and previous interventions are also critically scrutinized.

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Cultural Change with Katja Pleterski

On the way to a sustainable organizational culture, Katja Pleterski enables cultural change as a growth process.

The advice and support I received as part of my coaching is very valuable and a great help. In a pleasant and professional atmosphere, Ms. Pleterski manages to open up new perspectives, question existing ones and give me ideas for my future dealings. For me, this is very valuable support that I am happy to fall back on.

Stefan M., Deputy member of the Executive Board, mhplus Betriebskrankenkasse

Ms. Pleterski has been available to me as an individual coach for years. Every contact and every conversation brings me considerable added value and benefits for my role in middle management in the private client business of a bank.

Jürgen O., Management 3rd level, Baden-Württembergische Bank AG

Ms. Pleterski's attentive and approachable manner made it easy for me to get involved in the process and work intensively on my questions. The suggestions and "frameworks" that Ms. Pleterski offered me opened up new perspectives and points of view. As a result, I was able to gradually and effectively implement the changes I wanted to make. The appreciative and humorous way in which we worked together gave the coaching process a lightness despite the intensive work.

Nadine N., Management 3rd level, Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart

Katja Pleterski's collaboration and coaching was a key building block for me, not only in my personal development, but also in particular in preparing for my company's (successfully passed) executive assessment. Not only was she able to help me understand my own issues and challenges with her in-depth psychological understanding and expertise. She also provided me with a wide range of methods that enabled me to work on and solve these personal challenges myself. I thank her very much for that.

Max v. R., Management 4th level - Versicherungskonzern

As a manager of a large company in the German banking industry, I have been supported by Ms. Pleterski for many years. I particularly appreciate the fact that Ms. Pleterski, with her experience, social competence and know-how, is always able to adapt to the special requirements of the respective topic. There are no prefabricated solutions, but rather individual assistance that enables constructive approaches, even in difficult management tasks. That is why I personally, but also my employees, always appreciate the input that we receive from Ms. Pleterski.

Bernd H., Management 3rd level, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg

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