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Psychological Safety

In the 21st century, it has become no longer acceptable for companies to tolerate a culture of fear. An organization in which people treat each other with trust is not only more beneficial for all employees, but also a breeding ground for innovation, growth and performance.

⁠Today, employees at all hierarchical levels invest around 50% more time in working with others than they did 25 years ago. It's therefore no longer enough to simply hire talent; they must also have the ability to work effectively as part of a team. But this form of collaboration is only possible in an environment that guarantees psychological safety.

Recognize security

Psychological safety is the confidence that the work environment is safe enough to take interpersonal risks and feel free to raise relevant ideas, questions or concerns.

⁠⁠It occurs when colleagues trust and respect each other and are committed to being open and honest with each other. 

Psychological safety is not a luxury, it is critical to achieving excellence in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world (VUCA world). Unfortunately, there is a lack of psychological safety in many organizations today, which inhibits employees from "outgrowing themselves".

⁠In recent years, a large number of organizations have investigated how essential it is for employees to feel safe. The findings show us that safety can not only be the beginning of trust, but is also essential for further development, learning and the commitment of employees.

Workplaces with a focus on psychological safety

Workplaces characterized by honesty can offer immense benefits for creativity, learning and innovation. Leaders who are willing to say "I don't know" play a surprisingly effective role in inspiring and motivating their employees. An environment where employees are valued contributes significantly to engagement, problem solving and performance.

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Provide security

Managers who only welcome positive news create an atmosphere of fear that prevents them from hearing the truth. Many managers confuse setting high performance standards with effective management. A lack of psychological safety can create a deceptive illusion of success that can ultimately lead to serious business failures. Early information about shortcomings can almost always mitigate the extent and impact of future failures. Clear, direct and sincere communication is a critical aspect of creating psychological safety in the workplace.

⁠A meaningful organizational purpose, coupled with caring leadership, motivates people to go above and beyond and do whatever is necessary to ensure safe work practices and employee dignity. Ensuring workplace safety starts with encouraging and empowering everyone to speak up about potential hazards and other concerns.

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Psychological Safety in Leadership

An environment of trust and psychological safety forms the best foundation for stimulating innovation, fuelling growth and improving all round performance.

Katja Pleterski's coaching has given me very good impulses for my personal development and also developed new perspectives! The approach and solutions from the coaching help me to react appropriately to complex challenges, some of which arise on an interpersonal level. Overall, the ongoing collaboration has not only helped me to strengthen my skills as a manager, but has also enriched me personally.

Denise H., Management 3rd level, Mercedes-Benz Mobility AG

My employer financed my coaching with Katja. I was pretty much at the end of my tether professionally at the time. I liked Katja right from the start and she helped me to sort a few things out mentally in the first few sessions. That gave me strength. She also coached me and two members of my team afterwards and helped us with specific issues. I can absolutely recommend Katja and thank her for her support!

Christina W., Management 3rd level - Deutscher Sparkassen Verlag GmbH

Now I have clarity, it's good that I was able to talk to an external person about it, that helped me a lot.

Sabine K., Management 3rd level - Baden-Württembergische Bank AG

I contacted Katja Pleterski in 2018 when I was planning to go abroad for work. She was a great coach from the start and helped make my expat journey a success. Ms. Pleterski brings a perfect blend of business and coaching experience. Every session was eye-opening and very helpful. I really appreciate her coaching and will therefore continue to turn to her.

Bettina N., Management 3rd level - Athlon Car Lease International B.V.

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