“With her emphatic appearance and competence, Mrs. Pleterski succeeds in having workshop participants expand their self-image throught critical self-reflection and individual coaching.”

Head of Department, BW Bank

“In team processes, Mrs. Pleterski succeeded in very quickly building trust with the team members, starting a team process and accompanying the further development process in a structured and target-oriented manner with follow-up training sessions.”

Management Team 3rd + 4th level, BW Bank

“Mrs. Pleterski has been accompanying me as an individual coach for years. Every contact and every conversation brings me considerable added value and benefits for my role in middle management in a bank’s private customer business.”

Head of Department, BW Bank

“Mrs. Pleterski is a good sparring partner for me, helps me to reflect deeply and systematically in the conversation, takes on tasks that the next higher level unfortunately does not execute.”

Head of Department, BW Bank

“Now I have clarity, good that I could talk to an external, that helped me a lot.”

Head of Department, BW Bank

“My team was enthusiastic about a workshop for the first time, finally we had something concrete and no drivel, we implemented everything from the workshop.”

Group Leader, BW Bank

“As a manager of a large company in the German banking industry, I have been accompanied by Mrs. Pleterski for many years. I particularly appreciate the fact that Mrs. Pleterski, with her experience, social competence and know-how, can always get involved with the special requirements of the respective topic. They are not ready-made solutions, but individual assistance that enables constructive approaches, even in difficult management tasks. That is why I personally, but also my employees, highly value the input we receive from Mrs. Pleterski again and again.”

Head of Department, LBBW

“The cooperation with Mrs. Pleterski is very successful for all participants, as she can quickly and very well put herself in the position of her colleagues and thus support them with constructive suggestions. She does not only take care of the symptoms, but also always tries to get to the core of the problem / the current situation and thus supports not only me but also my colleagues in “working together” in an excellent way. Working with her is also a lot of fun, as she always has an open ear for all needs and worries, even when faced with challenges.”

Division Head, LBBW

“I would like to that you very much for the extremely trusting cooperation in recent years. You have made a decisive contribution to my management team as what it is today: a closely knit group of people who support each other without reservation, with a strong will to perform, and where they are all loyal to each other and get on very well. I am very proud of this team.

You have supported me personally not only during our meetings and the super-efficient preparations but also consistently in between projects in giving me numerous thought-provoking impulses. Once again my sincere thanks for the extremely close cooperation.”

Head of Department, Rheinland-Pfalz Bank

“It was a great enrichment for me to get to know Mrs. Katja Pleterski during a mediation session. She is very human, sympathetic, trustworthy and sensitive. Mrs. Pleterski is a good listener and analyzer. I immediately had the feeling that she could put herself in other people’s shoes and I was amazed at how quickly she grasped problems and hit the nail on the head. I can recommend Mrs. Pleterski at any time and wish her all the best both professionally and privately and continued success.”

Clerk, Daimler AG

“I am very grateful for Katja Pleterski’s highly professional support during my coaching process. Ms. Pleterski is always in a position to maintain – sometimes very emotional – the process and to steer it extremely competently. I was able to open up very quickly and build up a great deal of trust in her due to her affectionate nature and the form of the conversation. That was particularly important and valuable for me. I greatly appreciate her humour, empathy and expertise. She leads the process with wonderful easy and creates the necessary depth at the points in the process that are important to me. I am very happy that I was able to follow this clarifying path, especially with her as a coach.”

Team Leader, Daimler AG

“I appreciate the absolute professionalism of Mrs. Pleterski, who creates sufficiente room for discussion even in very conflicting situations and brings acceptable solutions possible for everybody forward. This applies to individual coaching as well as team workshops. In individual coaching, she develops experienced managers remarkably further and manages to stabilize new managers in their roles to make them more effective.”

Board of Directors, Kreissparkasse

“Whoever looks in the mirror can recognise himself. This is how the hidden treasures can be uncovered. Thank you, dear Ms Pleterski, for helping me to a better understanding of myself – with respectful empathy, careful listening and her refreshingly different thoughts!”

Life Coaching

“I met Katja in a need to feel more confident in my leadership role.
Katja helped me to reflect on my actions and thoughts in a way that I further managed to build trust in myself.
She is focused, trusting, observant and very knowledgeable but also a very good listener and a communicator.
A session with Katja is like playing tennis with my own thoughts, with the time she helped me get a better understanding of my actions and equipped me with many powerful tools to handle the day to day situations, problems and conflicts.
My work with Katja is meaningful, insightful and derives diverse perspectives that help me grow as a confident and inclusive person and leader.”

Head of Department, Mercedes Benz

“The coaching was effective from the first hour. It is very practical and offers concrete help. Ms Pleterski is empathetic and experienced, the basis of trust was there immediately. The individual coaching helped me to better understand my inner mechanisms and, last but not least, to find my professional orientation again.”

Group Leader, TRUMPF